Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cooking up preppy in the kitchen!

Personalized Recipe Box

Add this great personalized recipe box to your kitchen! Pick your color combinations and each recipe box includes 20 monogrammed recipe cards for your favorite recipes! Personalize your cards or cover how you like! For example: outside cover can read with monogram
as shown, name or whatever you like!
Recipe cards can also have monogram as shown, From the kitchen of...., name, etc! You pick!

Color combinations available for

Solid w/Script Monogram (Top)

Green Solid-White, Hot Pink,Brown,Navy Monogram

Raspberry Solid-White, Green Monogram

Blue Solid-White,Yellow,Green,Brown,Hot Pink Monogram

Pale Pink Solid-White,Green,Brown Monogram

Hot Pink Solid-White,Green,Navy Monogram

Yellow Solid-White,Green,Red,Brown Monogram

Mango Solid-White,Green,Brown Monogram

Red Solid-White,Green Monogram

Color combinations available for Polka Dot (Bottom)
Blue Dot/Brown, monogram, Green Dot/Hot Pink monogram, Green Dot/Brown monogram, Yellow Dot/Green monogram, Yellow Dot/Red monogram, Pale Pink Dot/Brown monogram, Green Dot/Navy monogram, Blue Dot/Green monogram, Yellow Dot/Brown monogram, Orange Dot/Hot Pink monogram and

For Christmas - Red Dot/ Green monogram

Extra recipe cards available - 20 cards for $10.00

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

this is EXACTLY what i need!

daphne said...

ohhhhh these are too precious! said...

I LOVEEE THESE BOXES!!!..So much that I had to tell all my friends,