Monday, December 7, 2009

Blessings to all!

NEW! Blessing Boxes & Verse Ornaments!

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Painted Verse Ornament

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I just had to post what I just made for my sister!

She is having a Christmas Luncheon for all the

young girls in her Bible Study & here is what she is

putting at each of their places at the table! She has been

teaching about The Names of God & has been wanting

me to put all the names and some of the key verses

in the study on cards so that are accessible for each

of her girls to pull out whenever they need to!

Those of you who have enjoyed the Blessing Boxes

will surely LOVE this!!!! We have also taken the theme

verse of the study & painted it on an ornament as a

reminder of what they have learned & what this

Christmas season is truly about...the birth of our Savior!

I hope you all can take time out this season &

REJOICE in Him...we have been given the


Love to you all this Monday!!

Preppy Paper Girl

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